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Contact information-Laura Anderson 713-294-1027 or Bailey Anderson 832-904-8223.

The 3 Point Hunting Lease, is a blue chip lease, that sits on 6,687 acres in San Augustine/Sabine Counties between the Angelina and Sabine National Forests.  Just north of the Sam Rayburn, you can be at the lake in 15-20 minutes, and casting in 30 or if the thought of Cajun fun strikes you, you can reach Toledo Bend Reservoir in about 40 minutes.  Our land consists of ravines, creeks (both big and small that intertwine all throughout the property, small tanks (ponds), thick hardwood, thick pine areas, and clear cuts.  We have main roads, off roads, logging roads, and ATV trail roads. Our whole purpose is to provide a place for the average family to be able to hunt Trophy Class deer on a MLD Level 3 lease. 

What are your benefits to hunting on a MLDP Level 3 lease? 

 It offers maximum harvest flexibility for landowners with respect to white-tailed deer.  We offer an extended hunting season for our members.  We open in October (regular deer season) and hunt until the last weekend in January. You do not use your state license tags on our lease.  We supply the tags for you for both buck and doe.  You can still use your tags with your license in other areas that you may want to hunt (Another lease or the National Forest). Once permits have been issued, archery stamp requirements do not apply. We are game managed to increase our herdís health and size in an attempt to provide the best hunting experiences possible.


What do I get for my membership?

We are a year-round lease that runs from March 1st until March 1st.   You and your family (spouse and children under the age of 18) can hunt under your membership.  Your membership includes-1 Trophy Buck (5 Ĺ years or older).  More than one Trophy Buck when our Trophy Buck tags are open, and our motto is "go bigger or go home".  You can get more than one doe when our doe tags are open, but must be per our specifications. As many culls or spikes that you can handle and that meets our cull and spike specifications. You can also hunt hogs, bobcats, foxes, Spring Turkey, coyotes and other varmints on our lease. 

As experienced East Texas hunters know, the best place to hunt a buck or a doe is in creek bottoms (and we have plenty of them).   Also, we have white oak on the property that supply plenty of acorns.  Plus, on our lease you can hunt in numerous different environments from flat-land to ravine ridges.  If you do not like hunting in thick hardwood, you can hunt in our clear-cut areas.




We do not section you to only one area of the property.   All of our stand placements are GPS and checked for safety. 

 We will give you maps of the pre-existing spots that is available.  

We also have a map board in camp that you will use to tag in and tag out while hunting. This will also let you know where all the other hunters on the lease are as well.  

You can be added to our waiting list today by emailing us at baileyanderson36@msn.com

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We have one of the nicest campgrounds in East Texas.  We have a 5 acre campground that has camera surveillance and patrolled by deputies.  We appeal to the entire family with a private shower house, indoor restroom, picnic tables, large smoker and grills.  We have water and electricity onsite for an additional fee. You can run water and electricity straight to your camper. You do not have to be on our electric grid and can use generators on our lease.

We have five cabins onsite that you can opt to stay in.  All the cabins are private and available to any families without an RV or tent for a maintenance fee. You can take your family for a weekend of fun without the hassle. Our two large cabins have private bathrooms with full shower, sink and toilets (The wives love it).  

We have an aging class onsite for your family to learn about aging deer.  We periodically offer CHL classes on the property with the deputy sheriff.

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